Social Events

Europe has many different regional cultures and customs, and still we need to work together in the EU frameworks. Already at the start of EuroAsiaSPI² in 1994 it was decided to place the conference  in a different region every year and that the local host organises social events that help us to learn about the hosting culture, the traditions, history and the local food. This has a large influence on what social events EuroAsiaSPI² offers.

Bilbao is a city which integrates Basque culture, history, research, industry, and the world's most famous museum for modern arts.

Social Event at the First Conference Day (5.9.2017)

We organised a boat trip including Basque food and drinks with Bilboats. We organise 2 - 3 boats building a EuroAsiaSPI fleet on the Bilbao river and sea. We will have a marvellous view on the Guggenheim museum and the city from the river. We will enjoy Basque food and drinks. 

Start Time:  19.00

Attendees will go by bus to the harbour location at 18.15.

Link to Bilboats web site

Start the video to watch the Bilboats tour

Social Event at the Second Conference Day (6.9.2017)

We will visit the world famous Guggenheim museum. And after the museum visit we dine in a restaurant with a chef cook (michelin star cook) at the la despensa del Etxanobe. Etxanobe is the name of the Chef, who is a famous cook.

Read more about the Guggenheim museum

Michelin Star Cook will prepare authentic Spanish meals for us

Start Time: 19.00

Attendees will go by bus to the Guggenheim museum at 18.15. The restaurant is walking distance from the museum.

EuroAsiaSPI gives an insight into European cultures and also empowers the social and business networking. Please join the community.

Authentic Basque music will be offered at the dinner