Local Information



EuroAsiaSPI 2018 Host Institution


Parque Cientifico y Tecnológico de Bizkaia
c/Geldo. Edificio 204 (updated)
E-48160 Derio (Bizkaia)
Tel.: +34 946.430.850

TECNALIA has several locations all over the Basque Country and Spain. The EuroSPI 2018 Conference will take place ath the Headquarters of TECNALIA located in Derio, in the Scientific and Technological park of Bizkaia.TECNALIA possesses furthermore three buildings in this Science Park, so please pay attention to the number of the building ("Edificio 204"). Derio is a small town (ca. 5000 inhabintants) approximately 12 kms away from the center of Bilbao and only 4 kms away from the airport.

From Bilbao by Taxi to TECNALIA:
The taxi takes ca. 30 min. and costs about 25 Euro. You should thell your Taxi driver "Parque Tecnológico, Edifcio 204 (updated)".

From Bilbao by Bus to TECNALIA:
direct bus to the Science Park: no. A3250 (Parque Tecnológico, Túneles de Artxanda)



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