Social Events

Europe has many different regional cultures and customs, and still we need to work together in the EU frameworks. Already at the start of EuroAsiaSPI² in 1994 it was decided to place the conference  in a different region every year and that the local host organises social events that help us to learn about the hosting culture, the traditions, history and the local food. This has a large influence on what social events EuroAsiaSPI² offers.

Bilbao is a city which integrates Basque culture, history, research, industry, and the world's most famous museum for modern arts. 

And Bilbao has one of the world's most famous kitchen and cooking traditions, with excellent taste. Discover the BASQUE country... and taste the gorgous pintxos!

Below are only preliminary ideas of what social events are planned in Bilbao, Spain.

Social Event at the First Conference Day (5.9.2017) - Feel the historic city and Pintxos!

An idea currently under discussion for the social event in the evening of the 5.9.2018 is to get a guided city tour through Bilbao and then to visit the Pintxos route of streets and have Pintxos (Basque version of Tappas) and a glass of excellent wine in the city.

Social Event at the Second Conference Day (6.9.2017) - Feel the modern arts!

An idea currently under discussion for the social event in the evening of the 6.9.2018 is to visit the Guggenheim museum (it is open till 8 pm) and then have a dinner in the city.

More recommendations

We recommend you to plan to stay longer and visit more famous places.

  • Europe's modern civilization started with the end of the ice age and the Chromagnon entering Europe. In Basque country there are the first caves from this human species dating back 13000 to 18000 years. The caves can be visited and are only some 40 minutes drive from the conference place.
  • In Guernika, also only 40 minutes by car away, there is a museum with a large number of Picasso paintings.
  • In San Sebastian is one of the most nicest cities and beaches, if you plan for swimming holidays. This place is only 1 hour and 6 minutes drive away from the conference location.
  • And if you plan to walk the mountains, there are some famous paths there. And there are pilgrim trails to visit.

In short, network at EuroASiaSPI² and also come to learn about the Basque culture, people, history, and food.